Design Process

From your first design consultation, in which you discuss your vision for your home, you will discover that Arace Designs is completely dedicated to making tangible your discriminating tastes. We are an integral part of every stage of the process, from conceptual design, to value engineering, and throughout construction. We will discuss and provide you with a detailed proposal with a list of design services to include: preliminary design studies, 3-D computer renderings, and construction documents for permit, as well as specifications review, quality management and owner representative during construction.

The design process can be sometimes overwhelming and many elements can create challenges to overcome. By identifying these challenges early on, Arace Designs will create your conceptual design based on a complete and thorough evaluation of your needs, goals, and budget. After the preliminary design is developed fully, we will work with you, your builder, your interior designer and other professionals to evaluate your design from aesthetics, structure and budget. 

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Before your construction documents are complete, we will value engineer your entire design to ensure the most cost effective, structural solutions are implemented with respect to you budget and time frame.

Even when your drawings are complete, Arace Designs will work tirelessly behind the scenes with your builder, interior designer, landscape designer, engineer and many other professions, to ensure the design intent is carried through from concept to completion. This is our commitment to you, to provide a personal, collaborative, detail-oriented, level of service throughout the entire process.